Our sole purpose is to empower kidss and boost their self-confidence through art expression. We use stories of modern and traditional artists combined with technique to explore the power of painting. Kidss are given tools to paint their own versions of what they learn, increase their ability to interpret, and create with minimal boundaries.



When my dad passed away in 2009, I couldn't express my emotions vocally. I went mute on the subject for a year. I found solace in painting. Ever since I discovered art, I have felt secure in my ability to release emotions, stress or anything that needs to be released. Growing up, art was never an emphasis in my school, household or community. I was not aware that it could be used as an outlet.

It wasn't an emphasis until I made it one and I studied art at USC Roski School of Fine Art, where I learned art history, critical studies, technique and how important art is for our culture and my mental health. In life, its inevitable for us to go through challenging times. It is so important for people to know how to deal with their own emotions and mental health! I believe painting has the power to INSPIRE, HEAL and EMPOWER kidss lives.

For these reasons, I have made it my mission to expose children to the emotional, mental, financial and social benefits of art.