We do everything from fundraisers, workshops, to parent/child partner paintings. Our rates for educational institutions begin at $20 per person and go down depending on the size of your event and your schools specific needs. Email us at for rates.


Our fundraisers are similar to our private events. We teach your select painting, step-by-step, while still encouraging students to awaken their creativity by using colors they love.

35% of ticket sales go towards your schools fundraiser! Our fundraisers work similar to our private parties. Let us know your projected date along with the theme of your event and we'll create a sample painting. We provide all materials except for tables and chairs.

You also have the option to create PARTNER PAINTINGS!

Partner paintings are a fun way to raise money and create a space where parents and children can bond. We'll create a diptych painting where two canvases mirror each other and create one painting. This is a great way for both parents and children to tap into their creativity and learn about each other.


We've worked with schools like Synergy Academy for their Self Care We Care day where we teach students an instructional painting during school hours! It's a great way for students to gain exposure of the arts and try something new. We offer low group rates for schools. Email us at for more information and specific rates based on your schools needs.